SVNIT Surat Alumni Association

SVNIT Surat was established with a vision of promoting prosperity of mankind by augmenting Human Resource Capital through Quality Technical Education & Training.

SVNIT Alumni Association is the formal alumni body of SVNIT and has chapters spread across the world. The mission of SVNIT Alumni Association is to create worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement and create everlasting connections among all alumni and students and in turn to the institute.




Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology (SVRCET) was established in June 1961 as a co-operative venture between the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat.

July, 1978

the college switched over to the four year Degree programs.


An under Graduate Course in Electronics Engineering had been introduced with an intake of 40 students


Two additional courses viz. Production Engineering and Computer Engineering were introduced with the approved intake of 30 students in each


A degree course in Chemical Engineering had been introduced with an intake of 30 students which was later increased to 60 students from the year 1996-97


Institute renamed as Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology and offered the status of Deemed University.

Alumni Association

March, 2000

First ever thought of Alumni association -Prof & Head of (EC) -Prof K U JOSHI formed "SVR Electronics Engineering Alumni Association" - Founder President Er Utpal Mistry of 1985-1989 EC Batch . It was finally merged with Main SVNIT Alumni association in 2000.

October, 2000

Some of the Alumni friends gathered in Delhi and seeds of SVR/SVNIT Alumni Association were planted.

January, 2001

The first annual alumni convention was organized

February, 2001

First managing commitee was formed

January, 2014

12th convention of SVNIT is held on January, 2014

January, 2015

13th convention of SVNIT is held on January, 2015

January, 2016

14th convention of SVNIT is held on 9th January, 2016