Director's Message


I am very happy to note that the SVNIT Alumni Association has developed a sophisticated alumni website


I am proud to say that our institute has about 20,000 strong alumni spread across the globe, playing critical role and occupying key positions in all walks of life, namely in Industry, Policy Making, Education, R&D, Social Service, public life, entrepreneurship, Governance, etc. Our alumni are hard working, efficient, effective and successful in transforming the lives of masses and adding quality to their lives, in the process bringing laurels to the institute.


The primary objective of any alumni association is developing brotherly hood among themselves, helping each other, supporting the institute for its development and fulfilling societal obligations. I have no hesitation to pronounce that the SVNIT alumni association is fulfilling this objective and performing well with tremendous good job with its well established strong chapters, spread across the country and expanding globally. This website will be a strong platform in bringing together alumni across the globe.



Dr. P. D. Porey 






President's Message


It’s my immense pleasure to address all my seniors and juniors at a very crucial point, where in we have to make faster and swifter moves leveraging the innovative technology of this new era. Since I have become the President of this esteemed organization on the eve of our Silver Jubilee celebration, we as a young budding team are putting unparalleled & immense efforts to foster our Alma Matter and we are progressing strongly and sternly towards fulfilling our major goals and objectives.

I am fortunate to have both our Elders and Younger alumni supporting me - elders with their valuable experience and youth with their exuberant enthusiasm. The first step was to build strong online presence across all social media platforms including FB , Twitter and most importantly revamping our own website ( While giving utmost preference to data security, we want to make sure the alumni database is up-to-date and is very easy for all to search and communicate with fellow alumni. We are certain to have a massive participation in the next annual convention (not just only from India but also from across the globe) due to the effective communications tools of the new website.

We are indedbted to our alma-mater SVNIT as one of the reasons for our successful career is the very fact that we are SVRITE/ SVNITIAN...!!!

So, I welcome you all and appeal to contribute selflessly by giving your Time , Energy and Enthusiasm.

Once again thank you very much !!


Utpal Mistry